“12 years of experience” actress Son Na Eun’s anger acting, people are buzzing

Viewers showed various responses to singer-actress Son Na Eun’s “anger acting”

JTBC’s “Agency” has aired 7 episodes. Therefore, viewers are pouring out different responses over the acting performance of Son Na Eun as Kang Han Na in the drama.

Revealing her thoughts on playing Kang Han Na at the press conference, Son Na Eun said, “I think it would be an opportunity for me to show you a new side of me that is different from what I’ve done before”.

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“Agency” is an office drama centering around Go Ah In (Lee Bo Young), who becomes the first female executive member of VC Group, going beyond being the first to reach the best position in her career.

Playing the role of Kang Ha Na, a third-generation chaebol and influencer, Son Na Eun is trying to captivate viewers with her unique charms. 

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In the recent broadcast, Kang Han Na revealed her hidden “claws” after realizing the reality, heralding the beginning of a fierce battle for the succession of VC Group. 

Son Na Eun holds a key in the development of the story throughout the drama and receives as much screen time as a leading actor. However, viewers are having divided reactions.

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Some netizens praised Son Na Eun’s acting, leaving comments such as, “Her pronunciation and vocalization are much better compared to her previous dramas” and “Her acting is more stable in episode 7 than in episode 1”, etc.

On the other hand, there are netizens who showed negative reactions such as “It’s been 12 years since she became an actress, but her level is…”, “It’s even more of a shame to put her next to an actor like Lee Bo Young, etc.

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Apart from Son Na Eun’s controversial acting skills, some people pointed out the lines of her character Kang Ha Na as another problem. Kang Han Na has an arrogant personality because she’s a chaebol, but the series of her problematic lines that show little respect to other employees makes viewers frown while watching the drama.

According to the setting of the drama, Kang Han Na has no social experience and is completely unqualified, but she looks down on employees with lower ranks, ignores ordinary office workers and treats them like slaves. Son Na Eun’s acting skills are not strong enough to deal with such a complicated character and eventually made viewers hate Kang Han Na even more.

Meanwhile, “Agency”, starring Lee Bo Young and Son Naeun, is broadcast every weekend at 10:30 pm KST.

Source: Insight.

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