Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho’s romance burst out…”Crash Course in Romance” broke its own highest ratings

“Crash Course in Romance” is on the rise in ratings as it contains the romance between Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon in earnest.

According to the ratings research company Nielsen Korea on Jan 30th, episode 6 of tvN’s “Crash Course in Romance”, which aired the previous day, recorded an average rating of 12% and a maximum of 12.8% (based on households in the metropolitan area), an average rating of 11% and a maximum of 11.8% (based on households nationwide).

Crash Course in Romance

It ranked first among the shows aired at the same time as well as broke its own record.

In addition, in terms of the 2049 (viewers from 20 to 49 years old) rating, it also topped the list by recording 5.1% (average) and 5.5% (maximum) in the metropolitan area as well as 5.1% (average) and 5.7% (maximum) nationwide.

Crash Course in Romance

“Crash Course in Romance” has been steadily rising in ratings since its first broadcast, proving its popularity.

On this day’s broadcast, Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon) and Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) were eventually caught giving secret private lessons by Young Joo (Lee Bong Ryun) and Dong Hee (Shin Jae Ha).

Crash Course in Romance

Haeng Seon tried to relieve the feelings of Young Joo, who was sulking. Meanwhile, Chi Yeol did not change his opinion. He told Dong Hee, who asked him not to work as a private tutor, that it was a kind of talent donation rather than tutoring.

Although Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol paid the most attention to keeping secret, their cooperation was caught by their friend and closest aide from the start. It seemed that the first crisis was safely passed, but soon another crisis came to Chi Yeol, raising tension.

Crash Course in Romance

“Choi Chi Yeol is annoying”, who always uploaded malicious posts about Chi Yeol on, uploaded another slandering post this time by mentioning an incident related to a student Chi Yeol taught in the past.

Chi Yeol was having a hard time with various things. Haeng Seon comforted him, and Chi Yeol gradually convinced himself that he was becoming familiar with Haeng Seon.

However, at the end of the broadcast, it was predicted that the shadow of crisis would approach Haeng Seon and Chi Yeol, who gradually got closer to each other, again.

Crash Course in Romance

Chi Yeol headed to Haeng Seon’s house for a secret private lesson. At that time, Su Ah (Kang Na Eon) came across Chi Yeol right in front of the side dish store. Chi Yeol’s secret private lesson was on the verge of being caught again, raising curiosity about the ending.

The romance between Chi Yeol and Haeng Seon is in full swing, and the ratings are also rising vertically. Viewers poured out responses such as “I’m looking forward to the weekend more these days”, “It’s getting more fun”…

Meanwhile, “Crash Course in Romance” airs every weekend at 9:10 PM.

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