Lee Chaeyeon: once a talented IZ*ONE member, now struggling with her solo career

Despite being an excellent idol, former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon is not getting as much popularity as she deserves. 

A crucial member within IZ*ONE

In the past, Chaeyeon appeared alongside her younger sister Chaeryeong in the audition program “Sixteen”, which was held by JYP Entertainment in order to determine the final lineup of girl group TWICE. Unfortunately, both siblings did not make it to the finale, and Chaeyeon decided to leave JYP, leaving her sister to debut with ITZY. The female idol then joined WM Entertainment and participated in the Mnet survival program “Produce 48”. 

Chaeyeon and her younger sister Chaeryeong used to appear on the show “Sixteen” alongside TWICE members 
itzy charles and keith
Chaeyeon left JYP while her sister debuted with ITZY 
lee chaeyeon
Later on, the female idol joined WM Entertainment and participated in the Mnet survival program “Produce 48”

Right from the first evaluation round, Chaeyeon blew the audience away with her outstanding talents. Her rankings afterwards were not stable, but just enough to land her in the lineup of project girl group IZ*ONE.

lee chaeyeon
Chaeyeon blew the audience away with her outstanding talents
Chaeyeon ended up joining IZ*ONE

As a member of IZ*ONE, Chaeyeon received a lot of praise. The audience as well as other members all acknowledged that the female idol “elevated” the performance quality of the group. She is also considered a top dancer among Kpop idols. 

lee chaeyeon
Chaeyeon stood out when she was active as an IZ*ONE member 
The female idol was said to have elevated the group’s performance 

Mismanaged by the company, unremarkable solo debut 

After the disbandment of IZ*ONE, each member set out on their different paths. Wonyoung and Yujin joined the girl group IVE, which is now among top 4th gen Kpop groups. Meanwhile, Sakura and Chaewon are widely successful as members of LE SSERAFIM, and other members such as Eunbi, Yena, and Juri, all boast decent solo activities. 

Wonyoung and Yujin are extremely successful as members of IVE

On the other hand, it took a long time for Chaeyeon to finally make her solo debut., leading to deep regrets as the female idol was unable to retain her IZ*ONE hype.  

Sakura and Chaewon debuted in girl group LE SSERAFIM
Choi Yena
Yena made a successful debut as a soloist 

In particular, Chaeyeon’s solo song “Hush Rush” did not meet expectations from fans and the public. The song, while pleasant to listen to, was not outstanding enough among the highly-competitive Kpop industry, and was unable to retain in the mind of listeners. In addition, WM Entertainment did a poor job at promoting Chaeyeon’s release, and despite the female idol’s strength lying in her dancing skills, the MV for “Hush Rush” failed to highlight the choreography. 

lee chaeyeon
Chaeyeon did not achieve the expected success with “Hush Rush”
lee chaeyeon
Both her concept and song was not able to stand out among the highly-competitive Kpop industry

In addition, many expressed the opinion that Chaeyeon is more suitable to be a girl group member rather than a solo artist, since she’s good at dancing but has lacking confidence, leading to lower stage presence when she’s alone. As a result, they believe that Chaeyeon shined as an IZ*ONE member more than as a soloist, and express disappointment about her song, which can feel lacking. 

lee chaeyeon
Some audiences believe that Chaeyeon is more suitable to be in a girl group 
want lee chaeyeon
Chaeyeon once drew attention as a member of the dance crew WANT on “Street Woman Fighter”

Finally, fans believe that Chaeyeon will do better with a choreography-focused track that boasts an intense melody. Therefore, “Hush Rush” fell below their expectations, and failed to show off Chaeyeon’s dancing skills. 

Source: bestie.vn

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