Lisa boasted a close relationship with BABY MONSTER in a small gathering 

With much care from the senior, fans hope BABY MONSTER can thrive in the future. 

On the night of January 29th, 2023, Lisa (BLACKPINK) was seen dining out with two Thai tranees, Chiquita and Pharita. They had been seen going to a Thai restaurant in Seoul before, in October 2021. 

Lisa and two Thai trainees were seen dining out in a Thai restaurant. (Image: Pinterest) 

When the photos were posted, the audience were touched at the closeness between Lisa and the Thai line. It seems that the soloist understands deeply the difficulty of being a trainee in a foreign country, so that was her way to help the members destress after hours of intense practice. To this news, fans hope that Chiquita and Pharita can shine the brightest with this support from their senior. 

The trio boasted a tight-knit relationship. (Image: Pinterest) 

On January 1st, 2023, YG Entertainment announced their new girl group BABY MONSTER set to debut in the near future. After the announcement, news and pictures of the members were the talk of the town. In particular, a clip showing Lisa acting as the group’s dance coach captured attention. 

Not only that, fans also took interest in the relationship between BABY MONSTER and Lisa, who are not only senior and junior, but also mentor and mentee. They admire the main dancer even more for her dedication for whatever she does. 

Lisa enthusiastically taught the members of BABY MONSTER. (Image: YG Entertainment) 
The BLACKPINK’s main dancer is speculated to be a producing member for BABY MONSTER. (Image: YG Entertainment) 

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