NCT 127 came under fire for allegedly “disrespecting” BTS in their Instagram Live 

The issue is concerned with how the group addressed BTS on live streaming. 

Recently, NCT 127’s Jungwoo is embroiled in a controversy regarding how he addressed BTS during an Instagram live. The main criticism was that the NCT member did not pay enough respect for his senior in the industry. Mixed opinions are pouring in regarding the issue. 

The controversial conversation during NCT 127’s Instagram Live

It started when Jungwoo retold a story where a fan recognized him but thought he was a member of a different male group. When Taeil asked if the fan thought that they (NCT 127) was BTS, Jungwoo denied. 

NCT Jungwoo 

When the conversation aired, NCT 127 came under fire for “underappreciating” BTS’ success and “disrespecting” them by not using honorifics (Jungwoo used the term “that group” in the Live.) When the issue blew up, NCTzens came and offered alternative perspectives for the general audience.

The transcript of the conversation in question: 

Jungwoo: I have another funny episode, hyung. Whenever we went to eat somewhere, there were some people who misrecognized us and thought that we were a different group.

Taeil: BTS?

Jungwoo: No, no, I’m just saying, not that group.

Mark: (Laughing) Then what?

Johnny: Keep telling your story.

Mark: Yeah finish it.

It is said that the way NCT 127 misaddressed other group is not a single instance. The group is said to have frequently addressed other groups without honorifics and allegedly only consider SM artists as seniors. 

nct 127
As BTS is currently a big name in the industry, NCT 127’s accused behavior is receiving much criticism 

Netizens showed their frustration and pointed out that NCT should have addressed BTS as “BTS Sunbaenim” and that they should have addressed any group with appropriate honorifics. 

Source: Twitter, pann

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