Put knee on a woman’s chest…”Physical: 100″ male contestant’s controversial behavior

On Netflix’s original entertainment show “Physical: 100”, a male contestant’s behavior after pointing out a female contestant as his opponent is controversial.

On Jan 28th, a pre-released video of “Physical: 100” was posted on Netflix’s promotional YouTube channel “The Swoon”. The video showed martial arts player Park Hyung Geun and female bodybuilder Kim Chun Ri playing a “1:1 death match”. In episode 2 released earlier, Park Hyung Geun pointed out Kim Chun Ri as his opponent.

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According to the video, Park Hyung Geun first tripped Kim Chun Ri’s leg and knocked her down. Kim Chun Ri counterattacked to escape from the pressure, but it seemed not enough. As if there was a significant difference in strength, Park Hyung Geun laid Kim Chun Ri on the floor and overpowered her. Park Hyung Geun, who was in an advantageous position, shouted “I’m sorry” and pressed Kim Chun Ri’s chest with his knee.

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Watching this, other female participants protested by shouting, “Not the knee again, chest!” Then, Park Hyung Geun took a quick look at the audience, pretended to zip up his mouth and warned them to “shut up”, creating a fierce atmosphere for a moment.

Netizens who watched the video criticized, “If it’s okay to put your knee on a woman’s chest, can women do the same to men’s crotches?” and “Does it make sense to have this match itself when there’s a difference in strength?”

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