“Love Recall” Sung Yu Ri exploded with anger towards a man who took his girlfriend’s love and care for granted

Sung Yu Ri disagreed with a breakup recall on the recent broadcast of “Love Recall”.

KBS’s entertainment program “Love Recall”, which aired on January 30th, featured singer Din Din as a daily recall planner.

Love Recall

Appearing on the broadcast, the Recall man expressed his desire to recall his older ex-girlfriend, whom he broke up with after three months of dating. The Recall man, who received great care from X during that 3 months, expressed his belated regret and sorry towards X.

According to the story reenactment, X always went all the way near the place where the Recall man worked in consideration of his busy schedule whenever they had a date. Even when they went to coffee shops or BBQ restaurants, X took care of the Recall man from one to ten. To the Recall man, who dated an older woman for the first time, X is his ideal type.

Love Recall

The two’s relationship seemed to go well and had no problem. However, cracks between them appeared when the Recall man began to take X’s favor for granted. Seeing the Recall man not doing anything every time they went on a date, Sung Yu Ri and Jang Young Ran got frustrated. They reacted, “It’s like parenting”, adding “It looks like she is raising a kid”.

The incident that caused the two to break up was also revealed. Seeing that, Sung Yu Ri commented, “I don’t think I can watch it anymore. I’m against this breakup recall”. Din Din frankly said, “This breakup recall doesn’t seem to be right”. Nevertheless, the Recall man confessed, “Now I want to fix my relationship with X”, expressing his earnest desire.

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