“Moon Dong Eun becomes Park Yeon Jin”… “The Glory” fan raises the theory about Moon Dong Eun having plastic surgery

Drama fans continue to make guesses about how the story of “The Glory” will develop in Part 2.

Prior to the release of Netflix’s “The Glory” Part 2, viewers are making various speculations. Among them, the theory that Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) would do plastic surgery to become Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) recently became a hot topic.

The Glory 2

On January 26th, Youtuber Minhoaurs uploaded a video analyzing the trailer of “The Glory” Part 2. Pointing out the detail of an intense fire in the trailer, Minhoaurs said, “Dong Eun uses fire to revenge on Yeon Jin the same way Yeon Jin bullied her”.

Emphasizing the lines of Moon Dong Eun, such as “Starting today, my dream is you, Yeon Jin”, “In this game, you win if you take away the territory that your opponent built with all their heart”, etc., Minhoaurs found a clue.

The Glory 2

The Youtuber said, “Yeon Jin will get burned all over her body by the fire and can barely survive. She will be unable to speak and lose her beautiful appearance”, adding “Yeon Jin that people know will be Moon Dong Eun”. According to his prediction, Moon Dong Eun will undergo plastic surgery by Joo Yeo Jung (Lee Do Hyun) and become Yeon Jin. 

In the trailer, Joo Yeo Jung is seen performing plastic surgery on Park Yeon Jin. In that scene, Joo Yeo Jung even looks closely at Park Yeon Jin and touches her face.

The Glory 2

Minhoaurs claimed, “Park Yeon Jin, who hurt Moon Dong Eun with a hair straightener, will suffer burns all over her body and lose everything in her life, including her family, to Moon Dong Eun”.

Raising expectations for Moon Dong Eun’s perfect victory, the Youtuber said, “Episode 1 begins with a narration of Dong Eun’s letter to Yeon Jin. This drama has a continuation structure so I think it will also end with a letter narration”. He mentioned Moon Dong Eun’s line, “This is my last letter to you”, and the scene of burning white papers as evidence for his guess.

The Glory 2

Minhoaurs added, “In the ending of ‘The Glory’, Moon Dong Eun will burn all the letters that she has written to Yeon Jin. Moon Dong Eun, who has become Park Yeon Jin, then writes a new letter to Park Yeon Jin, whose life has been ruined, starting with ‘Dear Dong Eun, whom I miss’.”

Source: Insight

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